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Exploring Cafés in Bukit Timah Café – Top 3 Cafés

I suppose that we all have our “number one” cafe. So, what really makes one Cafe a great Cafe?  Is it your ideally made cup of joy?  Maybe excellent music, friendly staff, or a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Well, you will probably say the whole package – since today there are so many options out there, we have a full right to be picky when it comes to choosing our ideal spot.

But have you ever wondered what’s that magical in Cafes, why do people enjoy hanging out at cafes and why can you find one in almost every corner?

One thing is for sure – seems that we can’t get enough of coffee and Cafes do their best to please this unappeasable need. Seems valid to me.

“And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss. ”

  1. K. Rowling

I must say that I’m extremely intrigued by the cafe culture since I’m a true coffee lover. There are few spots in my hometown but also across the world that have surely gained my heart, so I gladly return to them. Here are my 3 best Bukit Timah Cafes. But first, few words about Bukit Timah.

Short Guide to Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah – The highest natural point in a Singapore, covered with tropical rainforest greenery, is the place of various hiking trails, nature reserves, and many of other great activities. The nearby town and high-class residential district also allow many enjoyable things to do for those who fancy being out of the tropical climate. It’s also called the rich man’s area and it’s known for its bungalows, high rise condos, elite schools and not forget about the food and many characteristic cafes.

So, if you ask me what the best Bukit Timah Cafe is, this would be my answer:

Rise and Grind Co.

With a great cup of coffee, warm and welcoming ambiance and friendly staff, what else could you ask for? And the best thing of all is that the prices are for everyone’s pocket. If you’re hungry, no worries, their smoked salmon will blow your mind.

The Affogato Bar

This Instagram-worthy place will leave you speechless. Even if you are non-coffee drinker, there are many options for you. Whether you choose their famous Banana Ramble, bagel sandwich or their excellent affogato – you won’t choose wrong. With their incredibly affordable prices, they are definitely worth of visiting.

Sugarhaus And Fat Belly

This rather small spot, with a mix of outdoor and indoor seats, will satisfy all your sweet cravings. Sugarhaus has a separate menu for Food Fat Belly. If you’re looking for something sweet, I would recommend the Waffles, Galaxy Tart or even a Lemon Popsicle Tart – each one of these is not only delightful but also will look amazing on your Instagram. And of course, the prices are very reasonable.

I need to add that Fat Belly only makes beef for mains, so keep it in mind if you do not eat meat.