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How to check iPhone water damage and methods of repair- a complete guide

Iphones are not water-prof or liquid proof. That means, if your phone gets into the water by accident, it may get damaged from water. The damage often varies. It can carry due to the time it remained inside water or how deep it got inside the water and other factors. But it is incredibly harmful. Apple does not provide a warranty for liquid related damage in its one-year limited warranty scheme. Hence, you need to bear all the expenses for it. Apple plus subscribers may get some waivers. But it depends on the company. Here is your guide on the iPhone water damage indicator and how to prevent maximum damage.

  • Check the indicator

Apple has an innovative technology that indicates the liquid damage in all apple devices-including iPhone. They are called Liquid Contact Indicators or LCIs that transforms into the red if it is in contact with water. The LCI is fitted inside the device. Hence, you may need to use a torch or flashlight to see it.

  • Lci position

You need to take out the device from water and soon as possible and dry it with tissue paper or soft cloth to make the exterior clean. After this, you need to proceed to check the LCI. Different iPhone devices have the LCI is different locations, Here are the lists of the models and their LCI positions-

  • Phone 4, 4S- inside the charging port
  • iPhone 5, 5C,5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus- in the Sim card tray slot
  • iPhone 7, 7S- inside the sim card tray slot

You need to check for the indicator according to your iPhone model and will get to see the red color inside the LCI that indicates the damage.

  • Initial steps

You have to go to the repair center for a complete solution. But, you have to take some initial steps for this.

  • First, switch off your phone and remove the sim cards to prevent further damage.
  • Of your phone comes with a removable battery then make sure to keep all the parts separated.
  • You need to keep the phone in a dry place but keep it away from sunlight.
  • You can also use one silica gel packet under your phone and on top of it so that the silica can soak extra moisture.
  • Contact the service center

After you have complete all these initial steps, make a call to the service center for cheaper iPhone repair. You can also start a service call online through the online help portal of Apple. Bit, if the service center is near your location, make sure to visit the store as fast as you can.


Please note that your fast and swift action can prevent any more significant damage. It is better to invest in a waterproof cover to protect your phone. Additionally, you need to keep your phone in a safe place if you are going for outdoor activity. But for accidental damage, you can use this article for some guidance.