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Most Outstanding Mediators Known Today

Essex court chambers is globally renowned for keen expertise in fields like public international law, public law, financial litigation as well as commerce. Who would forget the indelible mark Essex court chambers Duxton has made through representation of clients in high profile cases related to aforementioned areas? This begs the question, who are the main Essex court chambers mediators? What are their areas of expertise? What is their academic qualification? How long are their curriculum vitaes? Well, the article will outline some of their most outstanding mediators.

Richard Siberry

Siberry is a highly experienced arbitrator with over twenty years of experience in arbitration. The arbitrator studied BA (Law) at Pembroke College in Cambridge and scooped First Class Honors back in 1972.Three years later, he got an MA from the same college. After his undergraduate, Siberry worked as a law fellow as a law tutor for 3 years in Pembroke College

Richard served as a deputy judge for the Commercial and Admiralty Courts in 2002.His areas of expertise are similar to those offered by Essex Court Chambers Duxton advocates such as insurance and reinsurance, commerce, international arbitration and, banking and finance.

Michael Collins

Collins was a brilliant LLB student at University of Exeter in England in 1967 where he scooped a First-Class Honors distinction. Collins has been a barrister in commercial law for over 20 years from the Essex Court Chambers in London.

Michaels has been a counsel for over 4 decades in multiple areas of specialization like international, domestic, banking and finance. What’s more, Collins has been a respected Recorder of Crown Court for seven years. Additionally, he has been Sole arbitrator during an ICC arbitration, chairman of panel during insurance coverage disputes and a party-appointed arbitrator.

Jonathan Gilman

Gilman holds a degree in BA (Modern History) which he got from New College based in Oxford in 1963.Two years later he got a Certificate of Honor in Bar Finals with a First-Class Honors distinction.

Jonathan has been a counsel during numerous Commercial and Court cases. He is widely known for numerous publications like Title of Shipping Documents and Arnould on Law of Marine Insurance and Average book.

His area of specialization is similar to those offered by Essex Court Chambers becomes biggest UK set in Singapore with four hires team like insurance and reinsurance, dispute resolution and arbitration.

Sir Jack Beatson

Jack was BA (Law) student in 1970 at Brasenose College in Oxfords where he graduated with a First-Class Honors distinction. He was later awarded a BCL (First Class Honors) from the same institutions. Sir Jack has had a long and fruitful career climbing through the ranks to become one of the best Essex Court Chamber’s arbitrator.

He taught at Merton College based in Oxford for twenty-one years and become a full lecture at Oxford Law Faculty. He was very instrumental to Law Commission’s role in administrative law, commercial law and financial services.

Additionally, Jack was a dutiful Court of Appeal’s member in England for five years until 2018.He also served as a Queen’s Bench Division’s Justice for nine years.

All these arbitrators have unmatched expertise in the various are of expertise that exists today!