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Smart animated icons: How important they are for website designing

The animation is one of the greatest arts of creative designing. Centuries have witnessed the importance of animation in designing. From the arts made inside the caves like Ajanta to the puppets, everyone knows that those designs always have attracted the people towards it.  With the progression of time and technology, the animation too has progressed. Whatever cartoons children love to watch are animations, whatever games teenagers like to play on the computer system are animations. Whatever the series is viewed by adults are animations. The successful acceptance of animation schemes has made the introduction of using 3-dimensional geometry in animation. The realistic appearing characters, as well as pictures, are accepted more. As people prefer to have the realistic view of everything rather than a holistic view, this is the reasons the programmers and developers have advanced the concepts of animations. Web designing technology, as we all well-known, is used for setting up the layout or the designing of the web pages. What makes web designing come into play is the fact that more attractive and beautiful designs attract the customers towards themselves.

No doubt the content plays an equally important role, but people view the content only if they are impressed with the design of the website. So in a nutshell, it can be concluded that web designing should be as much beautiful and attractive as much as it can be. While the layout of the website is made in hypertext markup language, i.e. HTML, the designing is carried out in CSS, i.e. cascading style sheet. For a beautiful web design to be made, the language offers a variety of tools, out of which animation plays a major role. We are well aware of the fact that animation has always attracted the people. More beautiful the animation will be more audience it will make to reach the website. Animation can be carried upon the text as well as images too. The text and images both can be made attractive in various ways. We can move the images. For this slider is the animation tool, that is used. Similarly, we can apply any type of animation on text too. We can move text, rotate the text, blink the words and do many more things. Animation provides a lot to us. One of the tools provided by animation is the animation of icons.

As we all know, today’s computer world is a GUI based world. People prefer to go with the icons rather that reading a whole lot. As the icon can give the basic idea of what the thing is all about. An icon with a letter clearly gives the idea we have to open contains the messages that have been sent to us. Clearly, using an icon in web designing renders advantage. Smart animated icons attract  the people towards itself and draws the attention of the users. So in a nutshell, animation if applied smartly on the icons will serve as the greatest advantage to the people.

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