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Things You Should Avoid Storing in a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage is one of the best options to get rid of the overflowing of unused or rarely used items occupying space unnecessarily and making your home too congested. It doesn’t only accommodate the things but also provide security to them. It can be used as a second garage where you can store almost anything. As a general rule, only those items which are hazardous or explosive are not allowed to store. This is only for the protection of your belongings as well as other people’s belongings stored there.

The reason of restriction is quite obvious but sometimes there are some items which put you in doubt so in such situation you can contact to the service provider to get the answers for your queries.

After a great research we have noted below a quick list of items that you should avoid storing in a storage unit.

Flammable & Explosive Items: The items such as fuel, acid, gas, paint, fertilizer, kerosene are highly explosive and dangerous which should be avoided from keeping in a storage unit. However, some storage service providers allow storing firearms if they are locked properly.

Medical Supplies: Almost all of the medical supplies are allowed keeping in storage except those things contain radioactive material. It is legally not allowed.

Weapons: Any type of weapons is strictly prohibited from storing in a storage unit. It can be proved explosive if it comes into the wrong hands.

Construction Equipment: It is really not so obvious but it is true that some of the construction equipment such as the equipment used for drilling purpose is strictly restricted. However, the list of prohibited items can vary from place to place so inquire about it thoroughly before placing the items.

Unregistered Vehicles: Placing the vehicles in a storage unit is very common but unregistered or damaged vehicles are legally not allowed to store if there is a case, the storage service provider would be liable for the damage or loss caused by that vehicle.

Animals, Plants and Human Beings: Animals and plants are not allowed keeping in a storage unit. However, it is obvious that nobody would like to store them. On the other hand, human beings are not allowed living in storage units.

The self-storage Singapore provider will be able to assist you, and advise you on what are considered safe to store and what are not. The rules and instructions may vary from place to place so it is best to consult with your local storage professional