Is home your happy place? Let’s construct a house that is better than the dreams!

The recent era calls for an elegant home that would be the epitome of beauty and luxury. The real estate projects in Singapore have gone to another infrastructure level. This has mainly improved our standards of living. Thiam Siew is one such venture launching soon in Singapore. It is coming to district 15 to become a landmark here. A few lucky individuals would get the chance to call it their home!

Thiam Siew Showflat

Thiam Siew ave has housing units with 1 to 4 bedrooms in the plot. Not just for residential purposes but the property is an important financial asset even for investors. This avenue is a favourable choice for housing purposes for its high-security system. The amenities offered here would leave you speechless and amazed. It has got lifestyle amenities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, gym, pool deck, clubhouse, children’s playground area and many more recreational activities. The avenue also comes with a lush green landscape picturesque beauty for nature lovers. Thiam Siew lets you relax amid nature or watch your children play in the green meadow all around. Some underrated facilities that you can also enjoy here are power backup, intercom, rainwater harvesting and round the clock basic supplies.

Admirable features of Thiam Siew are –

  • 18 –storey freehold condominium flats with 800 housing units
  • Each plot offers 1-4 bedrooms.
  • TOP is expected by 2027
  • Friendly atmosphere with all facilities extended
  • Spacious housing units with more than required ceiling height
  • Beautiful balcony with landscape view, highly furnished kitchen and fully automatic bathrooms
  • Located in safe and convenient district 15
  • Many popular schools and MRT stations nearby
  • Park connector and East Coach Park for an active lifestyle.
  • Great for foodies as big restaurants and fast-shops are located nearby.
  • Business centres for the residents

Video security and car parking facilities are additional bonus features available here.

Thiam Siew is a promise of convenient and luxury living. This beautiful masterpiece is crafted by Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd and Sunway Pte Ltd. These real estate developers are famous for putting forward high-quality buildings with high-crafted details and sustainability to the needs of a new generation. Thiam Siew is built according to the latest guidelines of the disaster management society for safety all around. It is a world-class property management site with sophisticated styling. Buy yourself a home in the finest residences of Singapore. Living here is better than living anywhere else!

Interested buyers reach out to us for the Thiam Siew Condo price!

Tips to buy your new property! 

A good location can imply several aspects to several people, of course, but there are furthermore accurate factors that tell a home’s value. Relying on your desires and intentions, you may not be able to purchase a home with all of these components. And that’s OK. After all, a home is greatly more than barely an investment. Nonetheless, the next time you’re buying a new estate, keep the following characteristics in mind.


·         Centrality

Where you select to live in a town or city will affect how much you spend on your home. Land is a limited commodity, so towns that are highly advanced and don’t have much room for extra development tend to have elevated prices than towns that have too vast room to improve. Some of these neighborhoods have a large number of residences that are vacant and regions that have plummeted into disrepair.


·         Development

It is not just the current conveniences that matter, but prospective ones as well. Plans for new universities, hospitals, public transport, and other civic infrastructure can dramatically enhance property significance in the area. Marketable development can also expand equity values. When you’re purchasing a home, try to discover whether any new populace, marketable or residential developments are schemed and deem how these expansions might affect the desirability of the enclosing neighborhoods.


·         Neighborhood

The neighborhoods that appeal to you will primarily be a course of personal intention. Nonetheless, a great neighborhood will have a few key characteristics in common: accessibility, manifestation, and luxuries. Your neighborhood may moreover dictate the length of the lot on which your home is built. Give Tengah EC showflat service a try and have a look at it. It’s an extremely luxurious and healthy neighborhood that no one wants to miss out on!


In words of accessibility, you should glance for a neighborhood that is arranged near a city’s main transit paths and that has additional than one point of the passage. Commuting to and from the job is a large part of many people’s days, so a house with susceptible access to roads and public transport will be more preferable than one that is situated away and can just be accessed by one route.


·         Lot location

You are also required to take into deliberation where the house is certainly located. In this specimen, there are a few stuff you should maintain in mind as you administer your search.

If the house you expect to buy is right on an active road or very near to a road, you can maybe get it for a lower rate, but it will moreover be harder to sell later on. The similar may hold natural for houses that sit next to or back onto a marketable property, such as a grocery store or gas depot, or houses on streets that get an extraordinary amount of parking traffic and parked automobiles, such as those near huge churches or community centers.


Alternatively, a house with an incredible view or near a body of water is apt to be extra valuable, both now and when it comes time to sell it. Want a flat that incorporates all these great features? Join us for the Tengah EC showflat program through this link



Why is an individual well known about health and workplace safety required for the industry?

Over the world, multiple industries are acting now without any issues; employees are having fun and enjoying their work. The main reason behind all the industry’s good factors is that the firm professionals are providing a lot of satisfying facilities and making their employees safe in the work process. That’s why employees have great trust in their industry when you wonder how organizations can bring up this much trust about their company to the employees. Then it is because of hiring a professional who is well-known about workplace safety and knows how to take care of the workers’ health.

pdpa classes

Otherwise, it becomes impossible to bring trust about the industry among the employees. The industry should most concentrate on workplace safety and the workers’ health. When an organization cannot do that, then soon their industry will shut down by the public authorities. There are industries where individuals require to work without concern about their health and safety because the work type is like that. Such work type is on the ships, vessels construction, reconstruction, repair, fitting, fixing, broken up and many more process are dangerous, even though it is dangerous they are trusting that industry they are working will secure them and do not any harm for them.

Why know about workplace safety and general health provision?

For securing the employees in this industry, the professionals are choosing to hire the person who is well aware of the workplace safety and health general provisions regulations. Many people are completing their professionalized course in a different field; most probably, they choose to complete the ordinary course. Instead of choosing similar studies, individuals can try to learn about the workplace safety and health course. The main reason for suggesting this course is that many industries need this professional such as petroleum products industry, building construction and other operation organizations, plus many more factories are expecting the workplace safety and health officer.

Why train on safety and PDPA classes?

When you learn these safety courses, you can act as the best professional who knows about all the aspects and regulations. Whenever an instant occurs related to the security and health of the employees, they instantly seek you for assistance. Without the workplace safety professional, the factories can’t consider a safe workplace environment.

The next essential course to choose and learn is pdpa classes. The main reason for suggesting training in these classes is that multiple business organizations are there to securely safeguard the employee’s and the organization’s data. Therefore, the firms require individuals who are well expert in personal data protection.

How beneficial is it to learn these classes?

Only the individual who knows how to secure the data by following all the rules and regulations can perform this action greatly, so individuals can choose and learn this type of course. Even when you graduate in a different course, you can do it additionally, which can cause benefits in many circumstances.

The participation of health care services in a digital world 

Approximately everything we want these days is accessible at our fingertips. The comfort of getting food, groceries, cabs, etc., at our doorstep, has become fairly commonplace. The recent components of this comfort organization are online drugstores. Buyers are reinstating trips to pharmacies with a tap on their mobile phones. When victims and family members are already feared about a disease, going to buy medications can come to be an added burden, one that online drugstores have wiped off.

Diseases are not scattered in one nation. Each county has its upsurge of medical cases in this comfortable lifestyle. Diseases like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes are not mere nowadays.

Here are a few reasons for buying medications online that are participating in the expansion of online pharmacies all around the globe-

Simplified Ordering & Delivery

Online pharmacies offer user-friendly knowledge on their applications and websites. Some of these also provide the facility of a monthly allotment of medications to the user. You can search the app, add medications to your cart, upload the prescription page, and pay the bill. It is an easy method and with Cash on Delivery as an alternative, even first-time shoppers feel satisfied. Moreover, these stores also provide question-answer assistance to help users with any prescription-related inquiries or to give advice respecting any of the medicines.

Can you imagine visiting a chemist shop when you are suffering from a diarrheal or constipation condition, or just simply waiting at your private place for your constipation relief medications? No one wants to move out in any of the medical conditions. So, online stores of medicines and every health product are like a blessing to all those needy people.

Buying Medicines Online Is Cheaper

The method of buying medications online appears with numerous bonuses in terms of savings. When we buy products via online pharmacies, we can benefit from varied discounts, cashback bank offers, and much more. Additionally, the drugs that are not available offline can be effortlessly available at these online drugstores.

Safety & Authenticity

Online pharmacies adhere to legitimate regulations and protocols to safeguard the interests of their buyers. Online pharmacies ensure that drugs have adequate labels and bar codes and are sold only after obtaining a legal prescription. They provide medicines in factory-sealed containers and match digital lists with packet numbers. This keeps terminated drugs out of the marketplace and buyers get only valid and authenticated medicines.

Detailed Product Pages

As an informed consumer, it is important to study medicine or illness before walking further. Online pharmacies give essential data to users through attached product pages and blogs. One can easily get all the information related to the dosage, ingredients, and even side impacts of medicine. These product pages improve the understanding of the buyer and help them create knowledgeable purchases.

Adhering to all these legal protocols and keeping in mind all customers’ care, we at Naturelova do not take any of the processes lightly. From rechecking to packaging and till delivery of the product we keep a complete and detailed track of your medicines. You can confidently trust our team for every type of your medical and nutritional needs.

Well, if you want to try a plant-based based protein you should not again look beyond Naturelova. Get worldwide free delivery and a 3% cashback on your purchase as well.

Remote Check-In: 5 Advantages for Hotel Staff and Guests

In recent years, the hotel sector has been experiencing a real revolution in services. In particular, remote check-in is proving to be a convenient and useful technological tool, especially for the new generations of travellers who use apps and web services to manage their free time in a fast and personalized way.

Considering the prudence necessary in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the self-check-in and self-check-out services prove to be even more convenient in terms of social distancing, both for accommodation facilities and for guests. But what are these services specifically and what are the benefits for hotels and customers who use them?

Remote check in and check-out: what they are?

Self-check-in for hotels is the digital automatic check-in operation of customers who have previously booked one or more rooms online. When guests arrive at the hotel, they can avoid interacting with the hotel staff and go directly to the room: the door opens thanks to an unlock code received via email after booking or through an app command made available by hotel.

Self-checkout works broadly in the same way: an automatic digital process allows guests to report leaving their room without the intervention of the reception staff. To carry out the self-check-out it is possible to use the terminals provided by the hotel or a special app that guides customers step by step for the correct payment procedure.

The advantages that can be obtained thanks to the smart access management technology are many and concern both hotels and guests: let’s see what they are and how they improve the activities of the staff and the stay experience of customers.

  1. Better use of hotel resources

To win the trust of customers, hotels must offer them positive and unique experiences through their services. This is only possible through optimal use of the hotel’s resources. The self-check-in management platforms are integrated into the PMS (Property Management System), the program used by hotel staff to manage room reservations, invoices, rates, etc. In this way, the accommodation can optimize all activities in the best possible way by importing the PMS booking data directly to the App, while guests can book rooms as soon as they are available.

  1. Reduction of queues at the reception

One of the main advantages of remote check in and check-out is the reduction of queues at the reception. It allow guests to speed up booking, payment and luggage storage operations, allowing them to save precious time.

Customers simply use the hotel terminal by entering their names or a confirmation code, or scan an identity document or a QR code using their smartphone. From the point of view of the hotel staff, this translates into greater efficiency in the provision of services and greater availability of time to devote to the main activities of the hotel.

  1. Extension of the time slot for booking and check-out

Thanks to the digitalization of processes, guests can check-in and check-out at any time, except for any night closures and cleaning services in the rooms of customers who have completed their stay. This is a very convenient feature especially for overnight travellers who arrive at the hotel tired and eager to rest.

  1. Reduction of human errors

It happens to encounter errors on the part of the hotel staff at the time of booking, such as badly written names and wrong room assignments. These are understandable mistakes in hospitality structures where employees are particularly busy, especially during the high season. But by automating the check-in process, most of these errors can be avoided.

  1. Increased safety for guests and staff

Social distancing as a protective measure from Covid-19 draws a new map of the relationships and interactions between hotel staff and customers, sometimes requiring large spaces in which to provide services. Through the smart access management technology, greater security is guaranteed, avoiding the creation of gatherings and minimizing interactions between hotel staff and guests.

The Average Cost to Own and Train Your Dog in Singapore

The prospect of owning a pet is exciting for all animal lovers. Whether you have grown up with a dream of getting a dog since your childhood or you just want extra support and companionship in your life. Apart from this, you must have an idea that pet ownership comes with plenty of costs. Beyond the purchase cost, you will have to hold responsibility for maintaining its health, nutrition as well as entertainment. Even the maintenance and the grooming also come with a separate expenditure regularly.

  • The average cost of getting a dog in Singapore 

There are several expenses involved in owning a pet. It includes its adoption, medical expenses, training, and grooming costs. According to research, it will cost you around S$25,800 if you wish to own a dog for over 10 years. And if you will own a dog for 1 year then it will be S$3415. However, your total cost will be increased if you choose to buy a pedigree dog from a breeder.

  • Cost of purchasing a dog

In Singapore, you can either adopt a puppy from a shelter or buy one from a breeder. Buying a dog from a breeder or a pet store can cost you up to a few thousand dollars. For example, Japanese Spitz and a Golden Retriever both cost near S$2500 per store. However, adopting them from a shelter will be a cheaper alternative. The few of adoption varies depending upon the shelter but costs usually run between S$180- S$330. The amount you pay includes microchipping, vaccination, sterilization, and a health check-up.

  • Cost of dog services: Training, Grooming, and dog walking 

It is important to groom your dog depending upon their coat. Full grooming sessions vary as per the dog’s breed and size. It may include paw shaving, ear cleaning, nail cutting, and full fur trim.

Furthermore, you will have to invest in dog training sessions if you want to teach basic obedience to him.

Generally, dog training services in Singapore come around for S$ 75 per session and do come in a package of 1.5 to 8 hours long classes. If you are finding it tough to train your dog on your own, then of course hiring a professional trainer can be very beneficial for you. It will incur some extra cost, but the results will be worth that paid amount. Everyone wants to incorporate the basic obedience skills into his dog and to teach the dog enough manners. So, investing in training must not be an extravagant thing.

If you are looking for some training assistance for your dog, then we can help you out by directing you towards the right path. Dog Training is one of the best dog training classes in Singapore and is working constantly to satisfy numerous dog owners of Singapore. You can opt among various training types and start to well train your dog today itself.


The Single and Most Effective Way to Get your Dream House

Finding a perfect home is a daunting task. With so many locations, sellers, policies, and regulations it can look like attempting to strike the lottery. You can move in the right direction when you go with the right and real estate property agent.

Consider it as an easy task as this may not seem tedious once, you start to look for an agent. So, relax! You are not advised to find a lawyer or a politician. It’s just about to find a reliable real estate agent. Don’t underestimate how an agent can help you get your dream house so easily.

Knowing a good real estate property agent can benefit you as you get benefitted when you know a good medical professional. Their expertise will provide dependable advice and assurance. So how exactly you can find a real estate agent? What all to look for?

Usually, there are several ways to find a real estate agent like getting a referral from a friend, looking up the yellow pages, or doing a search on the internet.

For instance, you can catch up with Finest Services and have a complete list of topmost condos around you. It contains a list of anonymous reviewers who go and test all the services. Their reviews and evaluations are then shared with you all to take a transparent decision. It has a roster of all the new launch properties. One among the best is The Avenir (new launch condo), it is a freehold condo located on the former Pacific Mansion Site, in District 9.

The Commodore (new launch condo) is another fabulous new launch property in Singapore, which has collected so much appreciation and prestige due to its outstanding layout and construction.

However, finding a credible one needs you to look out for a sense, that this person is committed to representing your best interest. An agent who is working for you puts his expertise in negotiation and search so that you get a reasonable deal with sellers.

When dealing with your agent, ask about the method of their value determination. Get a complete idea of the process of their services.

You must make sure that they are not getting commission from a vendor to push a particular property to you. He should be working and expressing according to your best interests only. After all, he has been hired by you and their commission will come directly from you, once you will be satisfied with their services. They should be able to provide the list of suitable properties that suits your preferences and requests within an adequate timeframe like a day or two. They should be able to negotiate the deal on behalf of you.

So, start your search for an agent who perfectly and determinants work for you to excavate the supreme residence for you. They will save you time and hassle. One of the most important things to take care of is, to look for only one single real estate agent. Once you have found the one on whom you can be relied on and are comfortable, there is no need to wander but just stick and proceed.

Benefits of Buying a Condominium in a New Residential Complex

Buying an apartment is a very important and responsible step that must be taken deliberately. If you are looking for a dream home, then it is best to find proven and reliable apartment options. Resellers are not as popular today as they used to be. Today, many people buy housing in new buildings, since it is much more profitable than buying a secondary property.

The advantage, at least, is that you buy a condominium in a new building, where the best communications are made, where the best infrastructure is provided, and everything is done for a comfortable and full-fledged living. New buildings are made according to new construction technologies, and there is also a modern layout. Thus, you can get the home of your dreams, have everything in order to live in comfort and cosiness. As for the price, new buildings are now offered at a bargain price.

Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the prices and buy housing in the residential complex. This is a reliable and proven complex that has everything a modern buyer needs. If you want to have modern and comfortable housing, then you must have a look at Amber Sea Residential Complex.

The premium housing project has Chinese Swimming Camp right outside the doorstep. Nice bars, multi-cuisine restaurants and famous cafes are also here. Gardens by the Bay (8 minute drive), East Coast Park (10 minutes away), Chinese Swimming club (4 minutes away), Singapore Sport Hub (6 minute drive) and Marina bay Golf Course (10 minute drive) are some of the nearby sports for re-creation.

The design of Amber Sea residential housing focuses on adaptability. The modern verandas act as a connecting link between the sea and the city. If you are interested in sales enquiries, find our more on

Housing in a new building today

As expert’s said above, new housing has many benefits. Among which there are also: new and comfortable entrances and elevators, an excellent area around the house: parking, playground, recreation area, modern communications and wiring.

Layout of different formats – everything that is needed for a modern buyer. Excellent materials for construction, thanks to which such housing will last for several decades or more. Also, new buildings are most often located in comfortable areas, with excellent infrastructure, where there is everything you need: stops, shops, pharmacies, shopping centres and much more.

Choosing housing in a new residential complex

Speaking about how to choose housing in a new building, it is important to consider several of the following points:

  • Pay attention to how high-quality and reliable the new housing complex is. It is important to remember that the quality of such a new building will determine how comfortable and profitable it will be to live in;
  • Choose modern housing with high-quality infrastructure and everything in order to provide a comfortable and fulfilling life for residents. Also study the reviews about the upcoming residential complex before buying. This will help you make the right choice.

Another convenient option is to contact Amber Sea developers in Singapore. The professional managers will guide you throughout the procedure in fulfilling the dream of owning a condominium.

Tips to Purchase a Phone Online

Purchase of a phone is a fun journey and does call for a degree of research at your level. It is not only about looking for a phone but options like mobile buyback available at Mobile for Sale might be a handy option. Most of us have gone on to exercise the option of online purchase when it comes to clothing or even your daily accessories.

Just term it as gestational change as it indicates how prominent the online world has become in the world of today. Even before you are planning to purchase a phone from an online vendor there might be some assessments that you have to consider. So get your priorities right before you go on to purchase a mobile phone

The source

As far as online purchase evolves there is a strong possibility that your purchase might not be from an authentic source. To keep away from frauds and keeping the hard earned money at bay consider the origin of the device. Just check out the online reviews of the shop and it is going to provide you a fair indication of the level of services.

Are you aware anyone has gone on to purchase from this vendor earlier and do they deliver the products on time. In fact there has to be a confirmation of all these products before you go on to make a purchase.

The condition of the phone

Some people might consider the option of a second hand phone online but still you need to certify the condition. Once you let experts repair your IPhone it is going to make the things a lot easier. In an online site if the seller goes on to post a couple of pictures you have to be vary of him. Rather than it would be a better move if you have gone on to choose a vendor who has gone on to showcase multiple images.

Here they are going to specify the condition and the quality of the phone. A suggestion is you should only undertake the purchase once you are full proof about the phone condition.

Mobile phones with the concept of ageing

Once you are purchasing a mobile phone from an online seller it is necessary to check out the age of the same. In certain cases you might not have the latest model or the newest device as check out an older device is going to provide you a concise idea. In fact it has not gone on to have a major impact on the quality.

Yes you would need to consider checks but the year of release works out to be important. Check out the actual prize of the phone so that you are in a position to secure an outstanding deal with the seller.

To conclude it is necessary to undertake a proper research about the phone or even the seller you are purchasing the phone. In the midst of this check out for no form of additional defects.

How to check iPhone water damage and methods of repair- a complete guide

Iphones are not water-prof or liquid proof. That means, if your phone gets into the water by accident, it may get damaged from water. The damage often varies. It can carry due to the time it remained inside water or how deep it got inside the water and other factors. But it is incredibly harmful. Apple does not provide a warranty for liquid related damage in its one-year limited warranty scheme. Hence, you need to bear all the expenses for it. Apple plus subscribers may get some waivers. But it depends on the company. Here is your guide on the iPhone water damage indicator and how to prevent maximum damage.

  • Check the indicator

Apple has an innovative technology that indicates the liquid damage in all apple devices-including iPhone. They are called Liquid Contact Indicators or LCIs that transforms into the red if it is in contact with water. The LCI is fitted inside the device. Hence, you may need to use a torch or flashlight to see it.

  • Lci position

You need to take out the device from water and soon as possible and dry it with tissue paper or soft cloth to make the exterior clean. After this, you need to proceed to check the LCI. Different iPhone devices have the LCI is different locations, Here are the lists of the models and their LCI positions-

  • Phone 4, 4S- inside the charging port
  • iPhone 5, 5C,5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus- in the Sim card tray slot
  • iPhone 7, 7S- inside the sim card tray slot

You need to check for the indicator according to your iPhone model and will get to see the red color inside the LCI that indicates the damage.

  • Initial steps

You have to go to the repair center for a complete solution. But, you have to take some initial steps for this.

  • First, switch off your phone and remove the sim cards to prevent further damage.
  • Of your phone comes with a removable battery then make sure to keep all the parts separated.
  • You need to keep the phone in a dry place but keep it away from sunlight.
  • You can also use one silica gel packet under your phone and on top of it so that the silica can soak extra moisture.
  • Contact the service center

After you have complete all these initial steps, make a call to the service center for cheaper iPhone repair. You can also start a service call online through the online help portal of Apple. Bit, if the service center is near your location, make sure to visit the store as fast as you can.


Please note that your fast and swift action can prevent any more significant damage. It is better to invest in a waterproof cover to protect your phone. Additionally, you need to keep your phone in a safe place if you are going for outdoor activity. But for accidental damage, you can use this article for some guidance.