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Furniture movers are different from house movers

A moving company or house movers is a business that helps the businesses as well as individuals transport varying amount of clothing, furniture, as well as other items between location. These services are used whenever a party or a company changes their office operation location or residence. In lieu of shifting the household and commercial items, these companies typically charge on hourly rates or as per the weight of the material and the job is done by a team of movers and a van. The team loads the items on the van from the first property location, loads them on to the trucks, and then moves them to a new property location. Some of these companies also offer packaging services where in the movers will provide the client with materials and boxes and help them to pack their belongings safely at little additional charges.

In contrast to this, a furniture removal company helps to remove special items like furniture item removals and other designated items from the house or operating location. While small furniture can be easily transported back to the new destination, large items like dining tables, beds and sofa sets require them to disassemble them in parts and then reassemble of the service destination. Several companies work and maintain hook ups with recycling facilities to reuse or repurpose your old and unused furniture items. Most of the furniture removal services in Singapore work hard to ensure that none of the furniture ends up being dumped in landfill.

When and how you can use the Furniture removal services?


Are you getting a new floor or carpet installed at your home? Is the home getting painted? Home improvement companies usually do not move furniture and thus, you yourself will need to clear the room that is being renovated. In such cases, people need to hire movers in Singapore who can shift their expensive and large furniture items from one place to another. Once the job is done, they will help to shift the furniture back to the location they belong to.

New Furniture

If you have purchase a new furniture item then most probably you will get rid of the old items. Donation pick up services require you to be location on the ground level or they pick up from outside your home. Furthermore, not all the furniture delivery services will bring your purchased item to your place. Here the furniture removals services will help you to get them delivered.

Rearranging & Organizing

If you want to shift your giant sofa from current living room to one floor upwards or swap the two beds in different bedroom, furniture removals can help you do it easily.

Home Staging

If you want to sell your home and stage it to make it look organized and worth purchasing then furniture removal services will help to relocate your boxes and beds to new places.

Single Item Movement

You have got a massive piano or pool table and you want to get rid of it or take it to another place, furniture removals are a way to go.